Founded in 1993, Henderson Design Group is a family of contemporary home decor brands, designed to empower creativity and unleash potential.

Combining original, on-trend design with decades of experience, our brands tap into aspirations and lifestyles – allowing people to enrich their interiors, transform their homes and express their personality.

Our curated collections are designed and made in the North East of England before being sent to homes across the world. From our Hartlepool HQ, we use patterns and paints to create, decorate and liberate.

By harnessing the ingenuity of our people combined with the latest technology, we’re constantly pushing boundaries and looking to find innovative, accessible ways to inspire the interior designer in everyone. This is all wrapped up in a commitment to our customers and an approach that’s delivered with sustainability at its core.

We’re shaping the future by balancing our heritage and history with a modern outlook that promises to protect our planet while powering-up the potential in every person and every room.