Anything but ordinary

Discover a riot of colour and pattern with Lust Home’s inaugural wallpaper collection.

Want a team of tigers guarding your bedroom? We’ve got it. 60s psychedelica to take you on a retro trip? No problem. Empowering female forms that are unapologetically positive taking over your bathroom? Look no further. Offering a wide range of unique wallpaper designs that inject individuality and style, Lust Home is anything but ordinary. These unique wallpaper designs come courtesy of the Lust Home designers, who draw ideas from their lived experience and pull inspiration from popular culture, wanderlust, and activism. To bring further diversity to their product offering, Lust Home will also collaborate with emerging artists working across all mediums. The end result of this design drive is maximalist, modern, and fun wallcoverings that make a statement and spread positivity.

Easy and practical.
Designs aside, Lust Home will make renovating your home that much easier, thanks to its paste-the-wall wallpaper. Paste-the-wall wallpaper is the easiest way to hang wallpaper. Rather than pasting the paper, you just paste the wall first, then hang the paper. It’s less messy, super speedy, and you don’t need to wait for the paste to soak into the wallpaper before you get hanging.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, each wallpaper roll can be printed and posted out to customers the same day. And by only printing what’s purchased, this unique manufacturing process enables full design creativity with zero waste. Talking of waste, the roll packaging and outer boxes are both 100% recyclable! Perfect for high footfall areas and grubby fingers, all Lust Home wallpapers are washable and are printed on paper that is fully FSC certified, using dry-powder based ink that is waterless, food safe, and free of VOCs.